Auto Collision Repair Idaho Falls Residents Can Rely On

Auto Collision Repair Idaho Falls Residents Can Rely On

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Meet The Owners

Our focus is our customers and their safety. And if we have someone who’s not allowing us to do that — I’m sorry but our customers and their safety is our number one priority when it comes to Idaho Falls auto repair.

Jade Schiess: I’m Jade Schiess and I am co-owner of Classic Auto Collision — with my brother.

Brewster Hoopes: I’m Brewster Hoopes and I am co-owner and manager of Classic Auto Collision. We do repair specialty equipment, specialty metals like aluminum. The second-largest purchase that most everybody makes, or largest investment is their car. We want to make sure we help protect your investment. That starts with a proper repair.

Jade: The passion I have the most is doing the job right and making sure it’s correct whether it benefits us or not. I’ll always do what’s right. That’s how we were raised. 

Brewster: We’ve got to be there to help them through what it takes to get their vehicle fixed and to deal with insurance companies. We really want our customers to know that — we’re here to help you.

Jade: We’re getting third-generation kids come to us and they’re saying my family, my dad, my aunt, my uncle — whatever it is — we get a lot of that. So that’s why we want to be proud of our name and keep doing the right thing. Because if we don’t, we won’t be there to serve them like my grandpa served them.

The History Of Classic Auto Collision Center

body shop services in idaho falls and the surrounding areaThe legacy of Classic Truck and Auto Collision is in the hands of generations. The company was started in Idaho Falls by Noris Burgener, who started Classic Truck and Auto Body in a two-car garage, Thanksgiving of 1968. Along with his wife Kathleen and their four children, Noris created a legacy that has been passed down through three generations – passion for vehicles is something we carry on today! 2009 was when retiree Norris handed over operations to oldest daughter HevenLee (and her husband Brent).

In 2020, the children of Classic Auto Collision committed to continuing what their parents started. Brewster and Jade are proud members of our community who love serving all types of vehicles with quality workmanship that you can trust!

What To Expect At Our Locally Owned Auto Repair Idaho Falls Shop

majestic auto bodyAuto collision repair involves constantly learning new things. There are often repair methods or parts that a vehicle needs that we’ve never seen before at our auto body shop—this just comes with the territory when it comes to auto collision repair in Idaho Falls.

When our customers bring their vehicles in for bodywork—whether it’s a simple fender bender or a more major accident—our technicians walk through the damage with them and point out what will need to be fixed. Later, we detail and disinfect the vehicle, pull every part that is damaged, send information to the insurance company for approvals, and repair the damage. Later, we test run the vehicle to make sure everything is air-tight and running smoothly.

We also value communication with our customers—we can answer their questions and explain what we are repairing and why.

We’ve been repairing vehicles for over 50 years now, and we have a solid grasp on the different tools and repairs that different models require—even though learning new things is part of the business we can always rely on the years of experience and the technology at our disposal that make our repairs worth the money.

Auto body repair is an exciting industry because there are always new things to learn. Overcoming the challenge of working on a new vehicle is something we find very rewarding.

Bring Your Vehicle Into Classic Auto Collision Repair

free estimateFor the auto repair service Idaho Falls residents can rely on, bring your vehicle in today.

We are pleased to be able to provide expert collision damage repairs on all types of vehicles.

Our technicians are licensed and certified in the latest technology in collision repair. We use computerized equipment to ensure accuracy in body alignment, gap tolerances, paint color matching, refinishing techniques, and sealing methods.

Classic Auto Collision Repair offers complete vehicle detailing inside and out before returning your vehicle back to you with an outstanding appearance that is guaranteed! With over 50 years of experience working with all types of insurance companies in Idaho Falls, we know how important timely service is.

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