How Does Auto Body Repair Work?

How Does Auto Body Repair Work?

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Auto body repair in Idaho Falls focuses on the work we do as a body shop in the Idaho falls area. Using specialized tools we repair damaged vehicles correctly.

Simply explained auto body repair technicians work on the cosmetic parts of a vehicle while auto body mechanics work on the mechanical repairs of the car that help it move like the engine, transmission, and similar mechanics.

We work on the collision repair work by conducting a thorough investigation of all visible damage, collecting information about the incident, and helping to send information to the insurance company for approvals, repair work, and a final inspection leaving your car repaired.

Whether you’ve been in an accident or just want to restore your car’s original paint job, Classic Auto Collision Center does the job.

The Cheaper Option: An Auto body repair shop

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Auto body repair is the cheaper option when your car needs collision repair at a repair shop. This is something an insurance company can cover. Automotive experts have said it’s always better to repair a car involved in a car accident than to just write it off. Although the repair costs may hurt, buying a new car is definitely the more expensive option.

The Faster Option: An auto repair shop

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Repairing your car is faster than shopping for and buying a new vehicle, there’s no change in insurance costs, the car history is known and you don’t waste time and money advertising and selling your car. We offer you free estimates and also estimate how long the repair will take all free of charge. Working with us will also help you save time as we do your work with insurance companies, we help you make your insurance claims with your insurance company about your auto repair and get you the right repair technician.

Collision Repair

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Now that we know repairing your car is the cheapest option, skilled auto technicians with the right tools can get the job done on your auto body and get you the right replacement parts if they are required. We put into consideration old and new damage, specializing in dent removal, painting, dents, windshield, and all other vehicle damage that is part of the collision repair process, restoring the vehicle to its original shape. Internal damage like broken windows is something our shop can do. We help preserve the value of your car and use only the best parts and materials.

Auto body shop: Efficient Work

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Being an efficient body repair shop, after repairs are done we test drive the car to make sure we’ve provided top quality work with no more damage, and a safe car for you to drive off in. Our auto body technicians dedicate their time to making sure the car paintwork and detailing is up to standard and you can drive off our auto body shop with a new paint job that looks just as good and better than the day you purchased your car. Your safety is important and we make sure your vehicle is roadworthy.

For the best auto body repair shop experience, you’ll ever have, contact us at (208) 522 9099