How Does Collision Repair Work?

How Does Collision Repair Work?

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Collision repair technicians (also known as auto body technicians or “collision guys”), do the technical and physical work to restore a vehicle damaged in an accident. Collision repair centers like Classic Auto Collision Center provide these services.

Our focus is on returning the vehicle to pre-accident condition.

Before beginning any repairs, collision repair technicians:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation of all visible damage;
  • Examine hidden damage that may not be apparent;
  • Collect relevant information about the incident;
  • Pull every part that is damaged and send information to the insurance company for approvals.

We then get to work with a variety of tools to restore the vehicle. The end result is you having your truck or car repaired, painted and safe to drive again. You won’t find other auto body shops in Idaho Falls that put as much care into the safety of your vehicle as we do.

How Do We Fix It?

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At our body shop we use specialized tools to repair the damaged vehicle correctly. 

Each worker has a specific role during the collision repair process: removing dents, straightening panels, prepping for paint and more.

While the body of a vehicle is one thing that collision repair technicians work with every day, there is a lot more involved in restoring a car after an incident. Besides the work done to the body itself, there’s also the need for interior work, glass replacement and more. Each incident is different, but our goal is to ensure each vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition.

How Long Does It Take?

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It depends on many factors, but it may take several weeks for an entire process to be complete.

The time it takes varies depending on the damage of the car and what other problems are discovered during the repair process. When insurance approves us to begin working on your car, we get started right away!

Learn more about how long specific repairs generally take here.

Do You Work With Insurance Companies?

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Yes! That’s the job of virtually every collision repair technician. We have relationships with almost all major insurance companies so you don’t have to deal with them yourself! Once you give us permission to contact your insurance company and give them a repair estimate, we’ll help guide you through the claims process. 

At Classic Auto Collision Center, It’s About More Than Just Aesthetics—We Ensure Your Vehicle Is Safe To Drive Again

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Once repairs are complete, we test drive it and ensure everything is air-tight. We’ll make sure your auto body repair work is not only top-quality, but that the car is safe for you to drive again.

In fact, we have a whole team devoted to ensuring your auto body repair shop experience is everything it should be. 

Been Involved In a Car Accident? Let’s Get Started!

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